On a self-driven growth journey in the unknown...

Since early age we are taught to know before we do. While knowledge is undoubtedly crucial, the real world often teaches us the invaluable lesson that action can be a profound teacher in its own right. In the state of unknown, it is through doing, experimenting, and learning from our experiences that we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. In this dynamic interplay between knowledge and action, we take the simple, yet powerful strategy of "I am. I do. I know." that leads our pathway in the unknown to self-discovery and life fulfilment. 

We learn from everyone, everywhere, everytime

Instead of going to one designated place and being told why, what and how to do our lives we do the opposite:
We simply enhance our own growth and life with the explorative "I Don't Know" approach
by connecting, inspiring, learning and supporting with the members of the movement 
following our personal needs and via existing means for digital communication (WhatsApp in group or 1:1) and for co-creation (Google Drive), or in person upon wish.

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FOR EVERYONE!!! People of any age, race, gender, education, occupation, nationality, religion, abilities, background and circumstances are welcome. At this moment, our members involve university students, professionals in tech and design, entrepreneurs, from Bulgaria, China, Hungary and Netherlands, all residing in Europe. Our uniting factor is the strong desire to pave our own life path with authenticity and purpose, going beyond status quo and imposed norms.

As everyone paves their own authentic path for which no pre-planned destination and map is given, the journey can feel lonely, confusing, failing, and without end. Therefore, the member support in the movement is crucial to say "You are not alone. You are doing fine. Keep moving!" On the positive side, by doing and sharing we unravel limiting beliefs, discover insights and come up with co-creations based on our passions and strengths, such as setting up the community by Rachel and Marina, creating the "I Don't Know. It's OK!" song by Mario, Marina and AI, or crafting the "I Don't Know" textile works of art by Valentina, Marina and AI. More creative ideas are on the way. The beauty of this process is the seeking and creating purpose from a space of authenticity and spontaneity, without pre-defined plans and targets.

Everyone sets own self-set commitment for the week or for a period of choice and if wishes, he/she shares it within the WhatsApp group, leading to moral support or support with resources. Later, he/she can share what emotions, learnings and outcomes have occurred from the commitment journey. We have two facilitators - Marina and Rachel - who setup from the beginning the group, invited others to join and navigated the very first unknown steps as personal intros, Google Drive and commitment goals.

Upon need and interest. We do not have any fixed posting moments, and the communication happens spontaneously via WhatsApp based on our personal needs, experiences that touched us, questions that intrigued us. There are days when not a single post is done and other days when one's post provokes an unexpected flow of reactions, learnings and questions. No spam, showing off and overflow of messages - simply deep meaningful sharing of our lives as they unfold. When desired, we also meet 1:1 virtually or in-person. Recently we started with THE DISCO HOUR - a live WhatsApp call on Saturday morning to increase the live connection and the simultaneous exchange of questions, ideas and emotions: DISCO = 'D'iscover 'I'nspire 'S'upport 'C'onnect 'O'bserve.

We have individual "I Don't Know" (IDK) spaces (folders) and joint spaces based on common needs such as connection, inspiration and opportunities. Each member creates and shares docs based on personal or mutual interest. For example, two members are co-creating a crowdfunding campaign, shared in the "Opportune" digital space, which can be reviewed and enhanced by the other members, if they wish.

Congratulations on your curiosity! This is a good start to get into the unknown. Let's kick-off with a short get-to-know call.

How did the movement come to life?

The idea has been incubated for around a year in Marina Velikova’s head. It stemmed from her quest of finding purpose in life and clarifying her educational mission with her company Creazzia. She didn't have a clear service, a target customer or business plan and she travelled and explored the possibilities about whom she can best serve in co-creation and alignment with her own purpose. On her way, however, she felt at times lonely and pathless as people did not see the value of exploring together her - they rather expected her to know and have plans. So, she dreamed: “What if we had a welcoming space – like a dedicated “I Don’t Know” study - where people said, stayed and felt OK in the unknown, learnt from and supported each other to move on?”

On her explorative path of finding Creazzia’s allies Marina met Paco Sobrino in April 2023 at a Hogeschool Utrecht event. They quickly found out that they shared a vision of transforming the way we grow and setup a follow-up. Paco’s strength of connecting people and ideas let him bring Rachel K. Zhang on the first brainstorm meeting and the click was immediate. The rest of the interaction has quickly led to making the first step of THE I Don’t Know MOVEMENT with a group of diverse people, all committed to self-drive their growth, go beyond the status quo and make meaningful contributions, all from a space of authenticity and purpose. Shortly after the start, Paco decided to take on another direction of life outside the movement, showing a good example for self-driven thriver.