Grow in an espalier or in a park?

Grow in an espalier or in a park?

Personal growth is often likened to the process of nurturing a tree. The imagery is potent—our aspirations, abilities, and potential are seeds planted in the soil of our lives. As we tend to these seeds, they sprout, branch out, and eventually bear fruit. In the grand garden of life, two intriguing pathways beckon us: growing in an espalier or thriving in a park. Each offers a unique perspective on how we approach the journey of self-discovery and development.

Espalier: The Structured Growth

An espalier is a method of training a tree to grow flat against a supporting wall or trellis. It's a controlled and structured approach, where every branch and twig is meticulously pruned, guided and shaped according to a predefined design. The espalier is an embodiment of discipline, precision and direction, mirroring traditional education and a predefined career path, and conforming to societal norms. An espaliered tree may reach impressive heights, but its growth is constrained and directed.

When we choose the espalier approach in our personal growth, we adopt a structured and predictable life plan. We set specific goals, follow established routes, and measure our progress with predefined benchmarks. We align with conventional wisdom, embrace academic or career goals, and strive for external validation. The espalier grants us the comfort of knowing our direction with a clear roadmap, milestones, and a sense of security. However, it may also limit creativity, hinder individuality, and stifle the pursuit of uncharted passions.

The Park: A Lush Realm of Possibilities

Now, picture the vast expanse of a park, teeming with diverse flora, wildlife, and hidden corners of intrigue, where each tree grows uniquely, contributing to the park's overall beauty. This park symbolizes a more holistic approach to personal growth. Within its boundaries, there are no predefined patterns, and the journey is a free-spirited exploration. It embodies the philosophy of following one's passions and curiosities, unhindered by predefined expectations.

When we choose the park as our metaphor for personal growth, we embrace a life of self-discovery, where every day offers new adventures and opportunities. We prioritize experiences over external measurements, and we're unafraid to embrace our quirks, passions, and unconventional dreams. The park encourages us to find our own path, discover our unique talents, cultivate a deep sense of self-awareness and adaptability, and embracing uncertainty. It's a journey that allows us to follow our passions and intrinsic motivations and cultivate our creativity, trusting that the richness of the park will nurture our growth. 

Our Choice: A Blend

While the espalier and the park represent contrasting approaches to personal growth, the truth lies in the balance between them. The structured growth of an espalier can provide us with essential skills, discipline, and direction. It gives us a foundation on which to build our lives. However, the park's free exploration allows us to discover our true passions and foster a deep connection with our inner selves. It reminds us that life is not just about meeting external expectations but about finding our own sense of purpose.

In the end, personal growth is not a one-size-fits-all journey. We can choose when to grow in an espalier, with its structured support, and when to thrive in the park, savoring the lush experiences it offers. The choice between the two depends on our needs, willingness to explore, thirst for knowledge, and appetite for risk. Our lives then become a harmonious blend of structure and spontaneity, discipline and curiosity, growth and exploration. Regardless of the path chosen, the ultimate goal remains the same—to reach one's full potential, bear the sweet fruits of self-discovery, and find purpose and contentment along the way.

What is your conscious choice TODAY?

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