The self-driven mindset of creators

The self-driven mindset of creators


All the creators are self-driven and:

  • Focus on and enjoy the process (=growing), not the outcome (=getting)
  • Learn, explore, observe, practice, fail and move on
  • Persist in doing, not hanging on the past

Explore what it means to create with "I Don't Know" in mind as ...

Create in the unknown as a child

Children possess a remarkable ability to live unburdened by thoughts of the past or future. By embracing our inner child energy, we tap into the joy and wonder of each moment, fostering a deeper appreciation for life. In addition, children instinctively listen to their intuition, trusting their inner voice without hesitation, thus making decisions aligned with their authentic selves.

Children possess boundless imagination and creativity, unrestricted by societal norms or self-imposed limitations. They are naturally curious, driven by a thirst for knowledge and exploration.

Children embrace the unknown with open arms, viewing it as an adventure rather than a source of fear. Like a child, we can approach the uncertainties of life with a sense of excitement, embracing the possibilities they hold. Reconnecting to our inner child spirit frees us from mental constraints, allowing us to think outside the box and explore new possibilities, and encourages a lifelong curiosity that fuels personal growth, learning, and continuous self-discovery.

By Mario Krastev

Create in the unknown as a designer / artist

By Valentina Velikova

Create in the unknown as a researcher / inventor 

Let’s take the role of a researcher-in-life that seeks the truth of knowledge, or clarity, about myself, my purpose and life path, which are all unique and cannot compare to others.

By taking this scientific approach about your life journey, you...

  • Get inspired by reading, travelling, meeting others and observing in diverse situations to become deeply aware of myself and the world around.
  • Design your life experiments – choices and steps – to test the hypothesis “Is what I undertake now a path for me or not?” The outcome of each experiment is “Yes” or “No” for the alignment between your core and the direction you took. The value is that after each experiment you know more.
  • Document your observations and experiences in your “growth book of truth”, reflect upon it, see the big picture and derive conclusions about yourself and your next step.

By Marina Velikova

Enjoy creating with the unknown in lead!