Purpose-breakfast in Tilburg  April 6, 2024

The discovery talk on purpose between Karolina and Fabian

Peers in exploration


ask big questions

Initiate talks around purpose and have fun


be like a puppy

Go around, be curious, even on a "leash"


adult-kid balance

meeting expectations and being a kid

K: We link the breakfast with the topic of ‘Purpose, how was this for you?

F: the fact that it’s so free is cool. Maybe that’s why the (question) cards or games are nice, it’s like you don’t have to partake in it but to partake is like an invitation to discuss purpose more, in depth. And I guess the breakfast already did that, there was something hanging there which asked questions and on the laptop [it said] ‘What’s your favourite music and why?’ - there were already things initiating the conversation around purpose.

K: Are there any experiences or insights that you will take with you as lessons in life from the meetup?

F: Yeah I guess that, to explore more. I really like this idea of a puppy in my head - every time you take a puppy out it starts sniffing everything and looking around, it’s going around places, even if they’re on a leash. It’s because they’re so curious and then you could parallel this with people easily I think. What the owner of the dog is doing is “No, stay with me”, and they’re pulling the leash, roughly, and you’re punishing the dog for being curious, which is like the most horrible thing you could do I think. Yeah, I wanna be like that puppy.

K: Did you feel like a puppy exploring during the event?

F: The building was really interesting so I did feel like exploring that. So, in that sense, yes.