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Do you eat purpose for breakfast?: the uncharted meetup

Do you eat purpose for breakfast?: the uncharted meetup

Tap in Marina Velikova's personal story of ideating and realizing the first unusual event "Do you eat purpose for breakfast?" that creates the real-life conditions for exploring and discovering who we are and what makes our life meaningful and fulfilling, while helping others to do the same with curiosity and courage. The second edition is on its way...

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What's your 10-year plan for conquering your fears and limitations?

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For fear winners

I'm working on conquering my fear of spiders by watching animated spider movies, baby steps, right?

How will you approach the ever-changing landscape of self-improvement?

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For snack lovers

I'm considering using a compass that perpetually points to the nearest snack.

What's your vision for your ideal self in 5 years?

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For beauty seekers

I'd settle for a wardrobe where I can find matching socks every day.

What's your secret to staying motivated and focused on your long-term goals?

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For peace minders

My secret involves alternating between napping and procrastinating – a delicate balance.

What's the ultimate destination on your journey of self-improvement?

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For geek travellers

My GPS often can't even find my way home, so who knows?

What's your personal growth plan?

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For slow growers

Well, I'm still trying to figure out what I want for breakfast tomorrow.

What is your serious question and the amusing answer to it?

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